Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 Appreciate those who you are with now, rather than waiting until they are gone.

Thomas Hardy (1840 -1928) was a 19th Century poet that wrote a piece that expresses the importance of not waiting.  The poem is entitled, "An Upbraiding".  It should send a beautiful and important message to each and everyone of us as we look at those whom we live with, perhaps having some difficulty in understanding why they are so different from us.

Thomas Hardy reminds us so poetically to appreciate them now.  Don't wait.

Three Tulips by Robert Mann

An Upbraiding
by Thomas Hardy

Now I am dead you sing to me
The songs we used to know,
But while I lived you had no wish
Or care for doing so.

Now I am dead you come to me
In the moonlight, comfortless;
Ah, what would I have given alive
To win such tenderness!

When you are dead, and stand to me
Not differenced, as now,
But like again, will you be cold
As when we lived, or how?

Thomas Hardy is saying to let go of your coldness and replace it with warmth.  Let go of your judgement and replace it with acceptance.  Live now and enjoy the person in this moment.  Don't wait until it's too late.

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