Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Would Have Thought?

The Cockatoo and The Cat
From UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPS by Jennifer S. Holland

Cockatoo and Cat
Photo credit: © Elizabeth Ann Sosbe
Scratch a cat behind the ears and make a friend for life. But what if the one doing the scratching has feathers, a beak, and bird feet? That doesn't seem to bother Lucky, a young stray cat that was fortunate enough to be rescued by Libby Miller and Gay Fortson in Savannah, Georgia. After his adoption, Lucky found himself cohabitating with Coco, a brash and outspoken cockatoo that took to the feline with a gentle claw.
Coco was perched on the foot of the owners' sleigh bed one morning, and Lucky, who had not yet met the bird up close, must have been hiding under the bed. When Libby came into the room, "there they were, together on the bed." She worried for a moment that one would hurt the other, but "Coco was being so gentle! She rubbed Lucky with one foot, then walked back and forth over her head—which Lucky didn't seem to mind at all."
Cockatoo and Cat
Photo credit: © Elizabeth Ann Sosbe
The two animals continue to be affectionate housemates, despite the bird's potential to do harm with her strong beak and claws. Coco stickers her fingerlike tongue in the little cat's ear, or kneads and nuzzles her, seemingly fascinated by the taste of the soft fur and squishy feel of the body. And Lucky, realizing a good thing, rolls over and offers up her belly to encourage the massage.
Read more about the cockatoo and the cat in the bestselling book Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland. ©2011.

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