Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Puppy's Ride on Top of a Train

A Happy Ending for a Tiny, Lost and Blind Chihuahua!
by  Caroline Golon

BoxieAs Tina Parker of Pickens, S.C. rode home with her family one Sunday night, the last thing she expected to see when she looked out the window was a small dog – on top of a moving train!

Parker, a life long animal lover, said to her husband, “There’s a puppy on top of that train! Give me your phone!”

After dialing 911 and explaining the situation, Parker says initially the operator thought she was kidding. “A dog?” she said. “Yes! A dog!” Parker exclaimed.

Although skeptical that the message would get to the train’s operators in time to save the puppy, the family followed the train six miles to Liberty, S.C. where Parker says, “Lo and behold, the train stopped!” She was surprised by how gently the conductor stopped the train, presumably to keep the tiny dog from falling off.

Parker later learned that the train company, Norfolk Southern, had ordered its other trains in the area to slow down to a crawl during the rescue and to refrain from blowing their typical “approach” whistle so they wouldn’t scare the puppy.

The Liberty Fire Department arrived on the scene to rescue the dog – a challenging feat due to a steep embankment down to the tracks. But the team of firefighters was able to maneuver a 24-foot ladder down the hill and up against the train.

Tina Parker and her son cuddle BoxieStanding on the bridge above the tracks, Parker watched firefighter Derek Sargeant climb to the top of the car, get on his hands and knees and talk to the little puppy. “Then he scooped her up and put her inside his jacket,” Parker recalls.

Parker says, “After the firefighter climbed back up the hill, he said to me, ‘Are you keeping this dog?’ I said, ‘Yes Sir, I am!’ He said, ‘Good!’ and reached into his coat and handed her to me. She was shaking like a leaf.”

Parker took the dehydrated, cold and scared puppy home to care for her.

The Parkers adopted the three-month-old puppy and named her Boxcar Hunter (Boxie for short) in honor of her harrowing adventure.

Officials say the train, going about 50 mph, had traveled from Pennsylvania en route to Atlanta. No one knows how Boxie found herself on top of the train.

Parker says Boxie has easily adjusted to her new surroundings. Parker’s two Shih Tzu’s, Champ and Addy, have welcomed Boxie to the family and, Parker laughs, “Now all three of them sit on my lap together. She’s completely made herself at home!”
Inspired by this amazing rescue story, and to celebrate Boxie’s new home, Freekibble.com will be donating 5,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew to the Greenville, SC Humane Society.

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