Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday with Your Pet

By Diane Herbst
  1. For a memorable holiday experience, try a portrait with Santa. Pet stores such as Petco or your local shelter (to raise much-needed funds) offer your pet a photo shoot with him.  
  2. According to a recent poll, 66 percent of Americans expect to give their pet a new toy for the holidays. For some cool, different gifts, check out these 10 funny dog toy ideas.
  3. Treat your pet to a massage. Here's a guide on how to give one like an expert.
  4. If you have a Christmas tree to decorate, have an ornament made with your pet's face on it. Lots of artists will hand paint these special gifts for you. Check out Etsy for some ideas.
  5. Throw your pet a holiday celebration for him and his friends — it is a good excuse to invite your human friends over for a party. 
  6. Keep it simple. Take your dog for an extra romp through the snow or through the woods.
  7. Hang a stocking stuffed with his or her favorite treats and a few new toys.
  8. Call your local shelter (or visit their web site) and see what's on their "wish-list" and donate something in honor of your family pet.
  9. A great-smelling dog or cat is heavenly. Treat your pet to a visit with the groomer, or try a cool new shampoo.
  10. Sit with your pet and brush him. Perhaps this time spent together is the best gift of all.

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