Thursday, December 22, 2011

Excerpted from "The Healing Power of Pets by Dr. Marty Becker

"  Pets are like us and yet other than us.  In our symbiosis, we've found that pets are often more humane than humans reflecting the kindest, best impulses of humanity.  Pets don't lie or cheat, they have to-die-for loyalty, and then love unconditionally.  While these attributes are representative of the rank and file of the pet world, the same can be said for too few humans."

"Through our pets we have a practical, trusted, routine way to relate to nature, to break out of the shackles of mankind and its creations.  This relationship, this special affection connection, the Bond, gives us an unparalleled sense of unity with nature; it tells us that we aren't above it but part of it.  Our dogs and cats represent an intimate and enduring look at another mammalian mind and spirit and serve as a thread connecting us back to the expanse of nature.  Embedded in the Bond to life is simple, surefire, healing power."

  "  Pets are totems of the values we hold dear and a conduit to our historic connections between humans and nature.  They help cultivate the awareness that we are not alone in this world, but united to all living things.  They take us outside of ourselves and reacquaint us with the world we live in.  Our need for each other, which is part spiritual, part visceral, helps keep us happy and healthy."


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