Friday, December 23, 2011

Help Pets in Animal Shelters

Dogs and Cats Need Donations of Pet Supplies

Help Pets in Animal Shelters
Animal shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations are always in need of pet supplies and count on the generosity of pet loving people to donate them. Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who’ve been rescued or abandoned are often frightened and need comfort pet supplies like blankets, toys and treats to help them through this stressful time.
Animal shelters need donations of pet supplies year-round, but their need is the greatest during the holidays. This is when they seem to have more pets, while pet adoptions and donations tend to decline. That’s why it’s up to the people who really care about animals to be especially generous with donations to animal shelters at this time of year.
Since your pet is such an important part of your family, it would be fun to make a donation in your pet’s name. After all, a pet with so much love from you must have some love to share!
Here are some easy ways to help shelter dogs and cats:
Best Friends Pet Care has an "Angel Tree" which is a wish list from local shelters. If you visit one of their stores, you can select an ornament, purchase an item and they’ll deliver it to one of the shelters.
PetSmart Charities has a huge range of giving opportunities to support their wide range of animal rescue and care efforts. You can donate easily online. works tirelessly to find homes for shelter cats and dogs. Go to their site and you can find animal shelters and rescue groups in your community. Find one near you and drop off some goodies!
Recognizing the importance of the work pet rescuers do to help protect homeless pets, Rally to Rescue® is committed to doing its part to help in the mission. Rally to Rescue® helps rescue organizations across the country give rescued pets the nutrition and care they need and the loving homes they deserve. See how you can help!
Another simple way to help shelter dogs and cats is to go to The Animal Rescue Site and click a button. The sponsors of the page donate cash for every click. What could be easier?
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