Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitten Rescue and the Humane Society of Central Oregon

Pit Bull
Lucky in her Hiding place

One "Lucky" Kitten!
By Mimi Ausland

We found an adorable, tiny and too skinny kitten in a fallen down tree on our property a couple weeks ago… with no sign of mom or siblings in sight. Her little meows led us to her, and she looked scared and cold when we first found her. We called our friend Lynne Ouchida, from the Humane Society of Central Oregon, to come and help us rescue her.
Pit Bull
Maty "socializing" Lucky
A couple days later we had the kitten in a large cage with lots of food and water by a warm fireplace. It is amazing that she survived as long as she did (especially with all the coyotes and raptors in our area), so we decided to call her "Lucky". My parents and I became her foster parents, because she needed lots of socialization and love before the Humane Society could find her a forever home. But before we could foster her, she had to go to the shelter and receive a full vet check.
Pit Bull
Beautiful Lucky.
As a bonus, Lucky got to meet Maty, our special three-legged dog friend who happens to have a history of socializing feral kittens.
Lucky was quick to get used to us and loved attention and playing with toys like any other kitten. She seemed very grateful to be a people-cat instead of being alone in the cold, stormy, weather. Within a week or so, Lucky was ready to be spayed and find her new, forever family. She returned to the Humane Society healthy, happy and socialized and was put up for adoption right away.
Pit Bull
The Lucky new family!

Lucky was yet again a "lucky" little girl, when a family of three came into the shelter within a day after she was put up for adoption and decided she was the one for them. They are a great family and super excited to have this precious girl as their own. I'm sure Lucky is very excited as well... she even got a home before Thanksgiving. Now that's something to be thankful for!

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