Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remarked-Upon Articles from Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature's Weekly

It's been an amazing and gratifying year here at Mother Nature Network and our most-viewed and remarked-upon articles of 2011 show the year in all its sustainable glory. Did your favorite make the list?:

10. What level hippie are you? This offbeat quiz had lots of readers judging themselves.

9. A photo gallery of ominous images of roll clouds drew comments of "can this be real?" (They are :)

8. Could wind power become cheaper than nuclear? News of a Japanese breakthrough drew strong reader reaction. 

7. This list of great inns open only to those with good hiking shoes was a hit with fit readers.

6. The 8 happiest dogs on YouTube got more "awwws" from our readers than any other.

5. This photo of an Icelandic volcano erupting with the northern lights in the background was the most clicked picture of the year. 

4. From Greek yogurt to mashed-up avocados, these 8 hair-care treatments you can make yourself landed on our top list.

3. These photos of thousands of spiders encasing trees in Pakistan delighted some readers -- and really freaked out others.

2. The kitchen spa: 5 foods that nourish your body from the inside out.

1. We can't all have the most organic farms or the lowest air pollution, but every U.S. state is No. 1 in some environmental or public health category.

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