Thursday, June 9, 2011

Qualities of Men and Women That People Admire

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There are many articles available today about what is the perfect attributes to have in order for a man or a woman to appreciate you or be attracted to you.  The following is a Top Ten List of qualities of attributes that, if you and your partner have, will guarantee a healthy and  balanced relationship.  It will make you attractive people both inside and out.

   1) BALANCED:  Balanced can mean many things, for the purposes of our article we mean that you and your partner have a good sense of boundaries. You and your partner are whole people having healthy lifestyles.  More specifically, you and your partner know how to maintain boundaries and respect the boundaries of the other.  You understand the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. You and your partner consider yourself  whole entities without the addition of a partner.   You don't feel you must have someone in your life in order to  feel complete.  You understand the need of a belief system that enhances and supports natural, authentic expression, but do not considered it a prerequisite to feeling whole.   A healthy balance of activity is expressed in your lifestyle and means nothing is done in excess, but rather in moderation.
   2) CONFIDENT:  You and your partner are self-confident and have high self esteem.  You are confident that you can handle new things, even if you have never done it before or if you may not get it right the first time around.  You and your partner have an internal point of reference; you do not need to receive reassurance and complements from others to feel confident.  At the same time you are confident enough to accept compliments or criticism, and are not afraid to give compliments to other people.
   3)  INDEPENDENT:  You can be a functional person without always relying on another person. Codependency is a condition that results from dysfunctional patterns based on unhealthy relationships. These dysfunctional patterns are socially learned patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting which result in dependency on other people, places, organizations, things and events to create approval, appreciation, self worth and love to achieve a sense of safety, self esteem, purpose and identity.
  4) RELATIONSHIP MASTERY SKILLS:  You and your partner know how to relate in a relationship.  You or your partner know the importance of having strong  communication skills.  You know and practice conflict resolution and negotiation techniques within your relationship.
 5) EMOTIONAL OPENNESS: You and your partner are able to be emotionally open and honest.  You are able to express your opinions and feel comfortable enough to allow and support your partner’s emotional openness as well.
 6) EMPATHETIC:  You and your partner are able to empathize with the emotions, point of view and experiences of your partner.  You are able to sense what the other is thinking without being judgemental and/or trying to fix their situation.
 7)  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: You and your partner understand the concept of unconditional love.  You are able to love you partner whether you agree with their beliefs, emotions, feelings or behaviors at a given time.  
 8) ON PATH: A person who is on path observes of the laws of right vs. wrong and lives it during their day to day routine. It is an inspiration to be around others who are upbeat,  pleasant and have an appreciation for what is right.
 9) NON-RESISTANT TO CHANGE: You or your partner are not resistant to change.   You and your partner understand and accept that change is a natural part of life.
10) SENSE OF HUMOUR:  When the going gets tough, the tough start laughing.  Do you ever find that when you make light of a difficult situation it is a lot easier to work through it?   Having a partner who can make light of a situation (of course while still empathizing with your situation) makes the situation much easier.  Laughter brings gentle strength and renews your focus so you can be open to new ways of dealing with the situation.

Compatibility and knowing what your wants, needs and requirements are, are all vital in maintaining your highest and best relationship.  Regardless of your personality and what you are seeking in a partner, or what your partner is seeking in you, the list above are fail safe attributes that are universal to everyone.  They are within everyone’s reach, and will guarantee a healthy relationship that will set the stage for stability and expansion.

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