Monday, June 6, 2011


" I'm going to learn to relax-- even if I have to work at it 24-hours a day, seven days a week."


A SIMPLE meditation like relaxation method that may be learned in a few minutes is often effective in relieving insomnia, moderate pain, moderate anxiety and emotional reactions to illness, report Dr. Alfred P. French and Dr. J.P. Tupin of the University of California, Davis.  The three-step method calls for sitting comfortably with feet on floor and eyes closed and relaxing your breathing -- really letting your breathing become relaxed, so air flows gently into and out of the lungs, after which you can allow your muscles to relax.  Next, the physicians suggest, "Simply allow your mind to be as relaxed as your muscles are, and let your mind drift, very naturally and very gently, in the direction of a memory which is very pleasant, relaxing, restful and reassuring."  In most cases, this becomes possible within a minute.  Finally, the physicians suggest, "Simply present that memory very gently to your mind and allow yourself to be there and experience that memory.  Don't concentrate on it or think about it in the usual sense, and if your mind wanders off, simply bring yourself back, very gently and very naturally by presenting the memory to your mind again."  The method, the physicians find, usually is learned within a matter of three or four minutes, and in many cases produces an immediate sense both of relaxation and well-being.
A.M.A. Journal:  Vol.223, page 801

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