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September 23rd, 2011 by Caroline Golon

We all believe our dogs are perfect just the way they are. But often, when it comes to behavior issues, we make the mistake of adapting to our dog’s behavior instead of the other way around. Over time, we don’t even realize our dogs could use some behavior modification.
Dog trainer Erik Reitmayr offers five ways to determine if your dog is ready for some training:

1. Trouble obeying commands. If your dog can’t obey simple commands like “sit,” “stay” or “no” then he can use some training. Even dogs who obey once in a while, but aren’t consistent, need someone to work with them.

2. Issues walking on a leash. Dogs who pull, and the owners who let them pull, need some training. Dogs should walk next to their owners, with a slack leash. A little training can go a long way in improving this behavior.

3. Unpredictable behavior in public. If you are afraid to bring your dog among strange people or dogs, that’s a key sign your dog needs some training.

4. Dominant behavior towards strangers and family entering the house. Barking and jumping when someone arrives in your home are signs your dog needs training.

5. You’re worried about bringing a new dog or baby into the home. If you have any misgivings about how your dog will behave with another dog in the home or a new baby, it’s time for some training. In fact, even if you’re not worried, in this type of situation, some training can help your dog transition to a new home dynamic.

Whether you’ve had your dog for years or just adopted him from a shelter, and whether he’s two months or 10 years old, virtually any dog will benefit from training.

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