Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help A Dog From A Rescue Shelter Adjust

To help a dog from a rescue shelter adjust, do basic obedience training.  Dogs with a history of neglect or abuse can be timid and easily frightened so it is important to start with the "stay" command.  (You can find simple instructions with a search on the Internet.)  It teaches the dog confidence, self-control and security.  Once the dog understands the command, move farther and farther away.  Try playing hide-and-seek---run off while repeating the "stay" command then come back and praise the dog highly for staying.  This shows that you can be out of sight without abandoning the dog.  Also helpful for any puppy:  Provide chew toys to prevent damage to furniture and shoes.  To avoid accidents indoors, give water and food only at set times and give the dog frequent walks.
~ Alexandra Allred, dog trainer for more than 20 years, based in Dallas and author of Teaching Basic Obedience:  Train the Owner, Train the Dog (TFH).

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