Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...and the Prince lived happily ever after.

And as they rode off into the sunset,

the prince promised her his love, his riches and his castle in the clouds if only she would be his.

She agreed.  Later, after the wedding, they discussed the running of the kingdom.

"The King, my father, is old and my blessed mother, the Queen, has long been gone and the castle is

 in terrible disarray," explained the Prince.  "It needs the hand of a fine woman like yourself to

 straighten its many rooms and dust its many nooks and light its many fires and clean its many

 chimneys and sweep its many corridors and feed its many occupants and visitors.

Then, we shall have many sons so that they may run the kingdom long after I am gone.  I can only

hope that when they come of age, they will be as lucky as I in finding a good wife."  And with

that, they kissed and the Prince lived happily ever after.

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