Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"My Greatest Spiritual Teacher, My Pet"

Photography by Maxie

My Greatest Spiritual Teacher, My Pet

My greatest spiritual lessons came to me in the one place I least expected, wrapped in one incredibly beautiful ball of fur.  They came from YOU!
My dearest companion and loving pet.

You taught me to feel my way through life,
To keep my senses open and to sniff out each person, place and thing and if it doesn't smell right, to just leave it alone.

You taught me the meaning of compassion and acceptance by allowing me to be exactly who I am and loving me, and kissing me and nuzzling with me anyway.

You taught me forgiveness by never holding onto anything after the moment passed, and in your wise eyes I finally saw there really was nothing to forgive in the first place.

You taught me that life is an adventure and every precious moment is just waiting to be explored, smelled, tasted, savored and delight in.

You taught me the true meaning of the word gratitude and not to be afraid to really show someone how excited and happy they made me.

Your taught me to be fully present in every single moment, and to keep my thoughts focused on what lies right before me on my journey through the day.

You taught me to be open to everything and everyone who crosses my path and to delight in their presence and seek refreshment from it.

You taught me to express myself when I need to and not to keep my feelings bottled up inside, to purr or bark or growl, whatever the moment called for.

You taught me the meaning of unconditional love by giving it to me always, and never holding back any single part of yourself from me.

You taught me the true meaning of the word JOY in your incredible ability to lose yourself each day in gay, passionate abandon over the simplest of pleasures.

I searched for so long, in so many places, for all the answers to the mysteries of life.  How surprised I was to finally find them right there in front of me, in YOU!  My dearest companion and loving pet.

Copyright 2000 by Veronica M. Hay

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