Friday, April 22, 2011


 1.  If you're really co-dependent, don't worry.  The disease is very patient.  It will wait until you're sick and tired of   being sick and tired.

 2.  Keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting.  Trust the process.
You'll drop to your knees sooner or later.

 3.  If someone tries to put a label on you as co-dependent, ignore him or her.  Why should you be deprived on the opportunity to find out for yourself?

 4.  If control is your game, then control is your name...out of control, that is.

 5.  If you're in an unhealthy relationship where you find yourself giving and giving and they're taking and taking...hang on.  You haven't seen anything yet.  You'll need to give more just to keep that sick feeling churning in the pit of your stomach.  Remember, you need to feel sick.

 6.  If you keep finding yourself in lose-lose relationships, cheer up.  You'll keep getting the same homework until you get the lesson right.  Get a divorce...get a couple of divorces.  That's a sure way to get the monkey off your back, for the time being.

 7.  A co-dependent's best thinking can screw up a two-car funeral.  Get some help.  Get honest with another human being so you can see yourself.  An interesting thing happens when you get honest with someone else...things get better.

 8.  If you have the gnawing feeling that he or she might straighten up and get off your back so you can get on with your life...well, forget it!  They aren't that powerful to give you peace of mind.

 9.  God must certainly have a sense of humor.  Who else would hide himself in the last place you would look...within yourself.  Happiness is an inside job.  If you are not happy with your own insides, you are in for a long haul looking outside of self to people, place or things in order to get comfortable.

10.  People are attracted to recovery.  No one is going to be able to get by promoting it to you.  It doesn't work that way.  It's sort of like catching spring catch it or you don't.  If you sit still long enough, you'll catch it.  What comes by you won't go by you.

11.  Know thyself, says a Greek philosopher.  If you don't know yourself, who is going to be able to tell you exactly who you exactly are?  Have the humility (teach ability) to be yourself before yourself and another human being and you will be on the "high road to recovery".

12.  Co-dependents like the softer, easier way.  We want what we what when we want it...NOW!

13.  Ever get the sensation of walking off a cliff backward?  That's the sensation you'll need to have prior to getting on with recovery.

14.  Recovery is for hopeless people.  Only hopeless people are sufficiently motivated enough to take actions that are contrary to the nature of people like them.

15.  Until you become helpless and hopeless, you are never going to do anything about your disease.  Only thoroughly hopeless people will ever take the steps in recovery.

16.  Bottom is not a is a feeling that we can't live like this anymore.

Author unknown.

Photography by Maxie

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