Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Global Animals.org

About Global Animal:

 “Global Animal is an online news magazine and social community for all things animal, from the beloved pet to exotic wildlife. It’s a virtual clubhouse for pet lovers and animal advocates worldwide to stay informed, be moved, be heard, and get involved.”
“GlobalAnimal.org co-founders, Leah Lessard Jeon and Arthur Jeon, decided to create an online news magazine dedicated to connecting people to animals because there really wasn’t one. They were always bouncing around to get stories about different species – from tabby cats, to endangered african elephants, to the world’s last 720 mountain gorillas. Leah spent untold hours (untold because it’s a spectacular amount of time) searching for the cutest animal videos with keywords like ‘bunny kisses puppy’ and ‘goat sings the blues.’ They figured there might be others doing the same.”
“Since animals do not have citizenship or voices, only people can roar on their behalf.  That’s why you’ll find our ‘Take Action Mouse’ in many stories on GlobalAnimal.org. Anything troubling or infuriating can be responded to, whether it’s a story  in the Pet, Farm, Sea, Sky, or Wildlife section. No more feeling hopeless at bad news, because you can change the news you’re reading!”
“But it’s not all serious. Far from it! Check out the daily Cute Attack and Happy Tales for a dose of cuteness or warm-hearted hilarity from the animal kingdom. And perhaps send us your own Cute Attack or Happy Tale! Or read the Blog Den for provocative opinions on controversial issues.”
“Welcome to the growing pack of wild voices celebrating animals around the globe.”

Global Animal Foundation:

"Global Animal Foundation is the non-profit arm of GlobalAnimal.org. Our ambition is to become like a Red Cross for animals; a trusted umbrella organization that raises money and distributes funds to animal rescue organizations around the world that are helping animals in need, especially during natural and man-made disasters.
The idea came about after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan left thousands of animals in need and rescue organizations on the ground scrambling for resources. “GlobalAnimal.org raised over $30,000 dollars for the rescue groups directly saving the affected animals. This outpouring of support made Global Animal’s founders realize a foundation was needed to provide a tax-deductible way for people to donate.”

Global Animal @:  globalanimals.org

1431 7th st. #301
Santa Monica, CA 90401
tel. 310.593.4830
fax. 310.591.8118

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